Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, business and work relations are affected and specific actions are required. Remote communication and collaboration with partners and customers and working from home are becoming the common precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In this context, companies face the challenge to react immediately and to adapt their internal work processes, collaboration with partners and their customer care.

We at MAP MR consider the health and safety of our employees, partners, and customers our highest priority. We are committed to take all necessary actions to fight against this unseen threat. We are working hard to help our customers face the new challenges.

If you are implementing new remote working practices or are expecting an increased demand, we are here to help. We will support you with the implementation of the best solutions.

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Reduce costs and improve productivity

We use advanced web-based techniques to capture insights from all your stakeholders – targeted customers, employees and general consumers.

High Expertise

We have expertise in key statistical and survey programming tools like SPSS, Confirmit, Decipher and many others.


By partnering with MAP MR you will enhance your business with some of the most highly trained and skilled programmers and project managers in the world!

Full Range of

We are able to deal with small ad-hoc projects as well as large multi-country tracking studies, where we manage the entire process and produce results quickly and efficiently.


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